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YouTube Upload Butchering Video?

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Hey all new to this site and GoPro. Just bought mine. Went out bike riding, tried to upload a video to YouTube to share with some people, and the video quality after it gets uploaded to YT is absolutely terrible and I don't understand why.

Hoping y'all can help me out. I see GP videos all over YT that look amazing and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.

I shot in 1080 with 60fps. I've tried multiple options when using the GP Studio prior to uploading to YT. But no matter what I do, the video is horrible. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong? Maybe tips on what I can do to get that high quality video everyone else on YT has?

here's a link to the terrible video.
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Most important Render? you left that out. so enlighten just a little.

I'll start
1920x1080P @ 30f rendered to WMVHD1920x1080P30f. try that see if those Blotches go away, looks aweful for a MP4video
Hey sorry it was converted using gopro studio.

Original 1080p 60fps. I exported various ones from h.264 [email protected] with a bitrate of 22. I also tried H.264 [email protected] with a bit rate of 50 - uploaded to youtube and it still looked like a pile of poo. I tried the standard Youtube export option in GoPro. which exports @ h.264 [email protected] and bitrate of 12. uploaded all to youtube and they all look horrible.

I just don't get it. And to be honest, sometimes after the export even the video itself looks a little bit off from the original.
try wmvhd
Hi there,
I am also very new to go pro/ go pro studio and am having the same problems :( Did you ever find a solution....?
In my mind. GPS import MP4 converts and renders to or bac to MP4. Something to experiment with
try using Corel Video Studio X7, they have a 30 day trial period and this program works great.
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