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Youtube or Twitch Live streaming

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So I've been searching online for the past few days to try and find a way to live stream to either youtube or twitch using a gopro, and no luck.

The setup:
Android or IOS phone
Mounted gopro
Gopro App

The idea I have is to connect the gopro to my phone via wifi(which is the standard with the gopro app), then to live stream directly to either youtube or I know this is possible with periscope, but im not sure why gopro has not implemented this already.

There are a couple of cameras I know of which you can currently do this with, the yi 4k and the frontrow camera. Search on youtube for "FrontRow Review - Wearable Live Streaming Camera" by the channel TWiT Netcast Network. They do a quick demonstration of how easy it is to click and stream live to youtube. I cannot post links unfortunately.

In the age of IRL streaming, I think adding this feature to the gopro app would be an amazing thing. I would even pay to have the app extension.

Think of how many action sports stars, or general people would be able to put their phone in their pocket and have the live stream running through the gopro mounted on their head/helmet, chest or shoulder to give the viewer a live POV of what they are doing.

IRL streaming is big at the moment, but limited to bulky or non stylish cameras (the frontrow camera isnt very pretty and looks a bit awkward if you were going to mount it to a helmet).

My idea for a live stream is to play golf whilst streaming to either youtube or twitch. Having the phone in my pocket whilst everyone is watching my POV from the gopro on my head.

Gopro...please add this feature, or if anyone has been able to do it, please comment below.

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Yi technology Hotspot not all have hotspot plans for free.

GoPro is with Periscope and maybe Youtube needs to Lighten up some and allow GoPro in. An Agreement needs to be made and it all comes down to $$$$$$$$ today.

It is what it is?
you haven't really done your homework then.
It is possible to stream , but you need to have dedicated capture card on your computer and connect your gopro with HDMI cable.
look harder
my bad, i missed the part where you said you want to stream while outside. In that case you dont have any options.
looked at a few apps on the IOS, phone and some were no longer available or around and some said they used gopro cameras? I am sure there is a work around, if and when you do find it, we all are looking forward to it.

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