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worst service, products and after care ever

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After ongoing problems with my 11 Black which is still under guarantee, I decided to contact customer support.
After a lengthy chat regarding the problems and various troubleshooting procedures, the agent decides that a replacement is the answer.

He then sent me a link to update my delivery address. For the link to work, I needed to get a code sent to my email address. I refresh my email a few times and look in the junk folder but nothing. In the meantime, the agent cuts me off for no apparent reason.

I then got a "how did we do email". At this point, it all felt like a joke.

I contacted support again going through all the previous steps. I was then given a link on which to upload photos of the back and front of the camera (why this is is beyond me, the problems were not of a physical nature). I was also asked to take a picture of the inside of the battery compartment showing the serial number. Again this felt like a joke. The serial number is hardly visible, sitting deep inside the battery compartment. After a lot of fiddling getting the sun to angle exactly into the battery compartment, I managed the not simple task of taking the picture.

Then again I'm asked to supply my address using a link. Again I need a code. This time it arrived after a short while.
Updating my address proves impossible. By default, the address form's country is set to Afghanistan so I change it to UK. Then I enter the first line of my address and my address appears on the address finder. I select it. At this point, the country changes back to Afghanistan... I was losing my patience at this point. I reselected UK and this action cleared my whole address! I repeated the process a few times with the same results over and over.

I communicated the problem to the agent and was told to leave Afghanistan as the country, and that they would fix that later! At this point, all the problems I've been having with the Gopro cloud service and the Quik app come to mind. If making a basic working web form is a problem...

After having the agent confirm my choice of address and the correct country, I asked what was next. I was told that I would get some courier labels sent through email to return my camera. I enquired about how long this was going to take and was assured that it would happen before the end of the day.

Well, it's the day after and I can't say I'm surprised but I haven't received anything!
I forgot to mention that again, I received a "how did we do" email after my conversation with the agent.

So now I'm waiting, hoping and expecting to have to talk with support yet again.

My experience so far contradicts what's said here: 'No Questions Asked' Damaged Camera Replacement
Plenty of questions were asked.
My experience since I bought the Gopro has been abysmal. Auto upload is flaky as, the camera itself has ongoing problems, too many to list. The Quik app is a joke and let's not mention the cloud service from which it's impossible to stream at 480p and in which you can add highlight markers but not remove them despite what the online info says.

I had a Gopro 1 for many years and had no problems with it, what happened since is beyond me.
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Yeah sad to hear such stories and not first time, the support of GoPro is horrible bad.
If the cam is working fine as my 5 different cams do then there are no problems but if the help from support is needed you will run into problems.

Interesting and irritating to see that GoPro is obviously not interested to improve the service/support, it’s possible to offer good support as other brands like Dji demonstrates.

Customers with so negative experiences will not buy any GoPro products anymore - typically at this point GoPro should/must improve support or they will loose the trust of the clients….very bad development.

Ciao Rob
4 days later and still no email to return my camera...
So much for the reassurance of getting it "later today"
Gopro is a US base service they take off on those holidays and that is one good reason you are not being taken care of ,not an excuse but yes services suck
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