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Lets face it... I love my Hero9 but it is incredibly unstable at holding a wifi connection. What really suck is once it loses the wifi connection it stops recording all together instead of continuing to record onto the SD card.

I steam a lot of softball games and I needed something stable. I went from a 7 to a 9 hoping it would work out.. it hasn't.

I had to buy a Mevo with a wired ethernet connection. The mevo is great at holding onto the connection (especially if its wired) compared to the Gopro. The problem is the picture just isn't as good on the mevo as it is on the gopro. Also the Mevo has it's battery built in and it cannot be removed. If recording in hot weather the mevo will turn itself off due to heat. However if the gopro battery is removed and it's connected via external battery pack, the gopro will withstand 115 degree Arizona heat.

My question is: Has anyone successfully used an ethernet adapter or some other device to get a wired connection from a hotspot to the Hero9? Is it possible? I would love to continue to use the Gopro if I can get it hardwired to the hotspot somehow. I've searched the webs and could not find a solution. So hopefully someone here can assist.

Also is is possible to configure the darn thing to continue recording to the SD card even when its drops from the internet connection. That would at leas fix half of my problem.

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