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I've used my GoPro for a while but am new to projects with it and am unsure how to approach this. I've got quite a few hours in research but am feeling a little overloaded with options. Basically, what I want to do is this:

Connect my Hero 3 to a computer via wire so that I can:
1. control the camera via software on the computer (specifically, start/stop filming)
2. download the resulting HD video to the computer and store as files
3. (ideally) download the low-res preview of the video as well

The third one would be nice to have but is not required. So far I know that I can get a GoPro HDMI cable to pull video out of the camera. I am *assuming* I can buy some kind of HDMI input card or something so I can receive and serialize the incoming signal to file(s). But I don't know how I would go about controlling the camera from the computer. I've found hacks where people have cracked the case and soldered to the buttons but this seemed pretty heavy-handed. Are there any other options I'm not aware of?

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