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Hi, all.

Someone recommended that I use the Windows video editor to edit my GoPro footage.

The problem that I am encountering is that when I finish editing the footage, the video is not being shown in a 360 degree view. I have a GoPro Fusion 360 and the way that camera works is that the front lens and back lens footage is saved individually on two separate SD cards (front & back). I am trying to find a way to merge or stitch the footage together so, when viewed, you are able to see the video in a total 360 degree view.

I tried uploading the footage to YouTube to see if that would work, considering there are tons of 360 degree videos on there. The way the video runs is that it shows one view from one lens and then there's a hard cut to the other lens. I need both lenses (videos) to be stitched together, seamlessly, so it appears as one video. All the 360 videos I've seen on YouTube are in this manner and you have the ability to move the camera around so you can see everything. When viewed in a VR headset, you can simply move your head and see all 360 degrees. That is precisely what I am trying to accomplish.

GoPro has it's software, called Fusion Studio, however, the program does not work on my computer. I even reached out to GoPro directly for help, but they weren't able to provide much assistance. Can anyone provide some support in this matter? I am desperately trying to make this work and am completely at my wits end!

Thank you.
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