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Never ending issues, these things you can not make up, if you are some one trying to Brainwash members with support, passing yourself as a fanboy, you got another thing coming. Li through your pearl whit all you want, this is a No holes bar camera Bug & issue, I am never ranting, just raving of how I love the bug and issue, I can write it all day long, all day long but a simple video, airing will show-n-tell. Its a shame some one Hypnotized you to be a Hero with a Zero 8. Yeah if you got no heart about a laugh, having fun you are a real dead beat.
lets get right to the issue Team, what the **** is going on with a GoPro. during the most important troubleshoot video, the gopro goes Lulu .
you don't watch the clip you never get the point it is a straight forward issue video. wished I recorded each Issue and placed as on. I would have 101 issues or more, then would you gopro put your feet in my shoes and say, we got a Perfect working Hero 9 right here for you?
ah not to worry Social media like youtube will see this and, I do not need a new camera because another camera will do the same exact thin if not More, I will be contacting my Insane asylum to take the gopro in, needs to make sure they got enough Bubble wrap to protect it from ever filming again.
Its Superbowl time who can kick this - wait did they not give this a one way trip to the space
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