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The Volta is so poorly designed, I can’t believe how it came to market as it is. First of all, if you simply mount the camera onto the Volta, and put it in the tripod mode, the camera is at a 45 degree angle. Why did they not put a ball head on it? Or at least a screw mount instead of the GoPro mount?

Then if you add a Ulanzi Claw quick release and the camera in the Ulanzi metal cage, the cable from the Volta is really too short and will apply too much pressure on the cable's connection to the camera. You can’t stretch the coiled cable.

And if you attach the mic adapter to the side of the Ulanzi metal cage, the Volta cable will not reach to the power input on the mic adapter.

Who designed this?????

I need a short extension cable (maybe 6”) to make this setup work. But you need a special cable that will work with the GoPro and Volta. Not sure where to find one. Waiting for GoPro support to tell me where to find such cable. Any ideas where to find a short cable that will work with this setup?
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