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I use my Gopro 10 very often in voice command because it is attached to the front or back of my sea kayak.
I have well identified the commands "Video mode", "Photo mode", etc...
The problem I have is when I am in Photo Mode, I want to alternate between single photo and burst. When I'm in Single shot mode I command "Burst mode" and the Gopro is then set to take bursts but if I want to go back to Single shot mode, I can't find the voice command to tell it. My Gopro stays in burst mode even if I tell it "Photo Mode".

Do you have any idea of voice commands to switch between Single shot and Burst and vice versa?


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I don't have my GoPro on hand but in the Settings menu on the camera there's a list of available commands that you can use. I think it's under Settings>Voice Command>Commands?

EDIT: I found a list of commands online. What if, rather than switch modes by voice, you simply tell it "GoPro take a photo" or "GoPro shoot burst"? Won't it automatically switch to the appropriate mode?

For the reference of anyone else, here's the list I found:

  • GoPro Capture
  • GoPro Stop Capture
  • GoPro Start Recording
  • GoPro Stop Recording
  • GoPro HiLight
  • GoPro Take a Photo
  • GoPro Shoot Burst
  • GoPro Start Time Lapse
  • GoPro Stop Time Lapse
  • GoPro Turn On (This has been removed for HERO10 Black)
  • GoPro Turn Off
  • GoPro Video Mode
  • GoPro Photo Mode
  • GoPro Time Lapse Mode

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I have almost the same issue. I tell it GoPro Photo mode. Then gopro take a photo. The camera then takes a burst. I tell it GoPro Burst mode. Then tell it GoPro take a burst. The camera takes a burst. Seems there is no way to take a single photo in voice commands although GoPro says it does. Shame on them.
The Hero11 Black and Hero10 Black have the same 13 voice commands.

They include the standard-setting adjustment and start/stop function for video, timelapse, photos, and burst.

Three types of voice commands on the Hero11 / Hero10: Shutter, Action, and Mode Commands.
  • Shutter Command (2). Shutter commands simply begin capturing. They are basically a virtual tap of the Shutter button, starting and stopping capture.
  • Mode Commands (3). Mode commands switch capture modes. But they don’t begin recording. After switching modes, you’ll have to use an action command (or manually press the shutter) to begin capturing.
  • Action Commands (8). Action commands allow you to switch between capture methods, without actually switching modes. For example, you can say “GoPro, take a photo” to shoot a still photo right after filming a video. And your camera remains in video mode.
Here are the specific voice commands for the Hero11 and Hero10 Black. Voice commands 6 to 13 are action commands.
  1. GoPro, capture (Shutter Command). Begins capturing in the mode set on your camera.
  2. GoPro, stop capture (Shutter Command). Only necessary for Video and Timelapse modes. Photo, Burst, and Live Burst modes will stop on their own.
  3. GoPro, Video mode (Mode Command)
  4. GoPro, Time Lapse mode (Mode Command)
  5. GoPro, Photo mode (Mode Command)
  6. GoPro, start recording
  7. GoPro, stop recording
  8. GoPro, start time lapse
  9. GoPro, stop time lapse
  10. GoPro, take a photo
  11. GoPro, shoot burst
  12. GoPro, turn off
  13. GoPro, HiLight (Adds a HiLight tag while recording video)
via this post: GoPro Voice Commands: All Model Guide (17 Voice Activated Commands)
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