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Seriously, this is my new GoPro Hero 10 replacement. Its brilliant!!
So I now keep the Insta360 One RS in my kit bag, and can easily switch between the 4K module for action and POV shots, the 1-inch lens for slower, more cinematic, and low light shots, and the 360 lens for when I just want to place the camera somewhere and play around with framing and following subjects etc later in post.

I realize not everyone likes the modular aspect and the GoPro is still more suited for certain scenarios - watersports etc for instance - but for my uses the Insta360 One RS kit is my new go-to camera, especially after picking up this 1-inch lens mod!

Uploaded in 4K for your viewing pleasure (although subject to YouTube compression etc of course - even so, very happy with the results!)
If you have any interest in the slider used for these shots please let me know and I'll post up details ;o)

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