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So I've been filming with both cameras side by side, and I have to be honest, the ONE RS is actually coming out BETTER then the GoPro.
GoPro has it with general image sharpness (for video at least) but I much prefer the colour reproduction of the One RS straight out of the camera without any editing in post. GoPro needs extra work in post with colours to get the best out of it, the Insta360 doesn't really need anything, it's nice straight from the camera. It also handles dynamic range a ton better - you get much more detail in the shadow areas. That 1/2" sensor really shows.
Both the app and desktop software are also much better then GoPro.....
However, GoPro has much more shooting modes, resolutions and frame rates available to it, and better slow mo options to.....

Does that make the One RS an all round better camera then the GoPro though.......?
Video coming soon!
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