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Video card issue . . .

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I have a question. I am running a pretty old i7 Dell PC 3.40GHZ (24 GB Ram) with an old Quadro 2000 Nvidia PNY 1GB GPU video card with Win 10 home edition with a 1 TB SSD. While I could probably use a new computer and monitor (HD only), the cost is definitely an issue to buy the latest and greatest. I have been shooting with my GoPro Hero 11 Black, mostly at 4K/60fps. I have to convert to H264 in Handbrake to use my old version of Premiere Pro CS6. I can read the H265 videos in Windows 10 with the Microsoft patch, but cannot "see" the H265 clips in Premiere Pro. The H264 video plays very choppy and is hard to edit in the Premiere Pro program.

If I changed out the video card to something like a 2 to 8 GB (or more) video card, would that make the videos run smoother in real time to make them easier to edit?

Does anybody have any experience with this, and if so, what is the card you are using?


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