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Twixtor versus Optical Flow in Final Cut Pro X GoPro HD Hero2 SUPER SLOW MOTION

got my GoPro Hero 2 not a while ago, yes i'm very pleased with it. So many possibilities for amazing videos, angles etc....

but in order to really get those breathtaking videos you also need to know your editing! starting with colors, music, fast forward and of course SLOW MOTION! i'm sure you've seen those amazing videos getting the speed of the video down to 2% is just crazy :)
so i have started using Sony Vegas Pro 11 with the twixtor plugin should i describe it?!! hmmm: its just SWEET.

since i have to decide for what editing Pc im going to use (Mac / Pc) my question is following:

what is better to use for super slow motion: Twixtor versus Optical Flow in Final Cut Pro X

hope somebody has some experience and give me some good advice

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