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Stop recording videos after about 15-20 seconds

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Hello. I recently got the new GoPro Hero 11 Black with the INKEE Falcon gimbal.
The connection between the 2 was made correctly.
When I press the red button on the left side of the handle, it records a video.
The battery is 85% full (in fact after a full charge, it showed 95% and not 100% charge - is that normal?)
However, after about10 or 20 second it stops recording by itself. I cant figure out why.
Another problem : when recording. after a while, the stabilisator stop functioning (The gimbal is still on, but the stabilisator is putting the camera facing down towards the ground.
Another problem : When I take a video, after a while the screen turns black but it seems to continue recording....
Is there a particular setting I should check to correct these different situation ?
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