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SOme one has the same scenerio of a mic, so thought i help out, I can create a few scenerio's here, Live one of them was not he split screen some one has on their new hero 8. So if you come across this post. it won't help clear your issue, but show there is the issue, and anyone can get it.

they are not really called issues anymore, they are "Features". Lol.

So here I demo the ext mic about how it desables the actual audi, if not plugging the correct way, is there a correct way. GoPro never said a single thing about it when they had the concept. Plug in, started recording and BAM the screen split.

The sensor more or less, or the DPI pixals Locked on the touchscreen? Do we call it a lcd touch screen error, or sensor error. you also take note the Gyro is haywire, I will call a GP-1 Error!!!!

see i nteh vi what happens next.

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