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So I bought the session 5 about 18months ago but not really used it, so decided to stick it to my helmet today and take it for a ride.

I connected the app that was all good used the app to start the recording as I rode off and assumed it would continue to record until I stopped it. I have a 128gb card so it told me 8h @ 2.7k. So, it has recorded two files at 17m42s and a third that stopped at 11m12s. I had a quick look through the menus and couldn't see why it did that, so turned off the voice control (which haven't read up on yet, so am clueless how that worls) just in case it thought I was telling it to stop... Any ideas as to why it did that??

Also it seems to get pretty hot, pretty quick when charging... Is that normal?

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Excellent camera.

Voice control.
gopro start/stop for video
gopro take a photo
gopro video, photo timelapse mode will switch to those modes.
gopro turn off, but will not turn on, only the hero 7 and Hero 8 have a wake on command,

17 minute file is chapters. the camera will record for a good two hours give or take a few added minutes.

will be on a 10 minute standby. if wifi or voice com, used.

those are things I recall.
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