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Sorry, newbie question here! Got a red dot while filming my first video with a Gopro 11. It only happened during the sunset scene. Standard settings, no filters. The red spot was moving on the video. It doesn't happen on my phone camera.
Is it a camera defect?
If not, how do I avoid this from happening? Settings or filters?
Can it be edited out, or removed from the videos?
Please see the attached photos. Two with the red dot and one without it.
Cloud Sky Plant Natural landscape Tree

Cloud Sky Plant Tree Leaf
Cloud Sky Daytime Plant Tree

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I would regard the diagonal line across the right side as flare. The red dot I haven't ever encountered before personally, but does seem like flare if its moving with the sun/light.
Does this only happen with the sunset captures?
As an experiment I would try capture a light bulb, or another source of strong light instead to see if you replicate the issue....

Were you using any filters?? If not, a ND filter may help.....
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