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I've got myself a Hero11 recently. So far it looks and feels like a nice cam.

But I've used an old "budget" action cam until now. Used it on hikes and motorrides etc. It still created pretty decent and sharp recordings, although colors needed some tweaking in post.
Recording in 1080p/60fps became quickly my most favourite setting. It delivered quite decent and acceptable recordings, and the higher framerate looked sharper on higher speeds and gave some room to play around with with a bit of slow mo in post. And one of the most imortant things for me, file sizes were not extremely massive.

I did some synchronization recordings with both camera now, for testing and comparising purpose. So I made 1 tot 1 recordings with both. Same time, same length, same resoluton and same frame rate. And all the rest pretty on standard.

The recording of the Hero11 look surely great. But I've noticed that the recordings are twice as big, if not more. This feels a bit much, so I've decided to make a little test.

I made recordings of exactly 15min, and only changing resolutions and framerate. This were the results so far:
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It looks like 1080p is barely interesting or worthwhile annymore.
There's just a slighty advantage of 30fps over 60fps, but it feels like it's just a verry small advantage. And I feel going back for this small advantage in fileize is not verry worthwhile when looking how manny more advantages 60fps gives you in post.
And there's even totally no advantage in choosing 1080p over 2.7k here. So why is 1080p even still there as an option?

Only interesting difference is 4k/30 or 4k/60.

But birates seems to be verry high aswel, which probably should explain the bigger file sizes. I understand this higher bitrate will be necessary for the higher resolutions like 4k and 5.3k. But it feels like completely overkill for 1080p for instance.
My old action cam had a max bitrate of around 20.000kbps on 1080p. And could only record in h.264 compression. But recordings were pretty sharp and decent, even against nowadays standards in 1080p. The Hero11 on the other hand records in HEVC, which even should be more efficient as I believe.

There's actually a setting in the firmware that lets you adjust the bitrate. But there's only a higher setting. Besides this it also has a battery saving mode, which actually makes no difference in size on lower resolutions but is only preventing higher resolutions and frame rates.
It would have been great if there was also an option to lower the bitrate. So it would consume less space on lower resolutions. People could still decide for themselves then and I think it would also help with keeping the temperatures low, because there will be less processing.

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excellent observation. 720P used to be available for shooting, now only in Livestream. have you tried the tall sensor, 10-bit and lower res, get the same results, if allowed.
Thank you.
Yes my old camera had 720p also, but this feels more like a webcam resolution nowadays, even never used it back then haha
I did not have tried the tall sensor yet, because to my understanding it's limiting a few things like stabilization and horizon lock. And my main target is to record in 16:9 right away. I think I don't like the hastle to first have to frame out and crop 16:9 from the bigger aspect ratio.
Also didn't tested 10-bit, on lower resolution. Because I think it will even increase the file size and I don't feel like I'm actually in need of 10-bit at the moment. I need to check it, but I believe it's even not available on te lower resolutions?
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