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As goPro always comes out with improvements, as we are allowed to move the screen short cuts, it's not enough for members, they want more out of their Gopro like Profile naming. One of the biggest mistak that GoPro did not correct with Fw 1.50 to Fw 1.60 was the profile Loop its still out of order. Can anyone explain why everything is in Alphabetical order, but Looping? Guess not?

As gopro allowed all to rename the camera back in the Hero 4 era, then taken away again, wit hthe hero 5, Hero 7 and came back during the Hero 7 and allowed us to rename the actual camera in the App. Gopro did take it one step further, as wifi can get overly crowded, they were on the right track to place a 1 Johns hero 7 rather leaving it as hero 7 black At least when you did connect, and had to view wifi, the hero be on top then thrown down deep in to 50 names? Now Gopro can open up, all the renaming of the profile. if they choose to leave the main ones like Standard, Cinama, Slow Mo that i have no problems with, and allow us to simply name custom 1, custome 2, custom 3 , or slow mo 2, slow mo 3 that will make all of us happy, then the some wanting it all.

GoPro I am sure are in the works of getting the Max software fully out, which is on their Primary list, and Lock Horizon for the next camera beingworked on as we speak, as we are already in, 5 months of the Hero 8 Black, yet we see any talks or new lower end Model of the Hero 8 as in Silver or white. lets just hope gopro listens to teh Customer and can get a profile renaming out.

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