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Just put together this camera mount for my own motorcycle. It won't likely work on all motorcycles, as mine has a hole speficically in the lever that acted to allow the mount to be anchored there. Other bikes may not have this. I have not shot any video at present, as I just made this mount. Some things I hope to be able to do with it:

The mount can pan as I use it in my hand. Not likely to have the same amount of transfer noise as does a mount that is operated via servo or electric motor. I can easily remove the GoPro camera when I want. I control its use. I can turn the actual camera on the GoPro tripod mount, to aim it behind me, to the side of me or in front of me, as I set it up. The grip feels good in my hand, just as any pistol grip normally does. I can adjust the pan to my own feel, as to quickness or slowing it down.

I will have to see what becomes a problem: Possibly safety issue, objects that may be in the field of vision (mirror stems or others), and perhaps the unexpected. I'll put it into use and check all as I do some personal use with it. I like that it was easy to make and cheap as to costs involved. I also like that I can easily removed the camera from my pistol mount and take it with me when I leave my bike for any reason.

Hopefully, the pics show enough to explain how it was setup. If I run into any problems, I'll post after use it for a bit on my motorcycle.
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