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The guys at WamBam are excited to announce a new product called the "Buffa". The Buffa is the first and only travel case made specifically for GoPro HD Hero and HD Hero 2 cameras.

One of the owners of WamBam is an avid kitesurfer and came up with the idea back in early 2011. After a long day of kitesurfing, he threw his GoPro into his kite bag and headed home for the day. When he took the camera out of the bag that night, he noticed the lens had been scratched from sand inside the bag. No problem he thought... He hopped online in search of a small, hand held travel case for the GoPro. Guess what, it didn't exist! That was the start of a vision for what is now known as the Buffa case by WamBam.

The Buffa has been a hit since day one. In only 3 weeks since it's release, it's now carried in over 200 retail stores throughout the world. You can place your order for the new GoPro carry case directly at or check with your nearest kite shop or camera outlet store to see if they carry it.

Buffa Case Specifications:

The case keeps your camera secure during travel and storage. It provides your camera lens with scratch protection only a form fitting, molded case can do. Why risk scratching the lens of such an expensive investment?
[*] Allows space for attached mount regardless of locked position
[*] Non discreet to help deter against theft
[*] Molded EVA Foam Construction for durability
[*] Form-fitting fabric interior
[*] Lightweight and thermal resistant
[*] Engineered for performance and ease of use

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