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new Fusion software

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Looks like GoPro have been busy. They've updated the firmware on Fusion, a new update for Fusion Studio. & have finally added the funky overcapture feature onto the GoPro app.

Fusion Studio still crashes on me, but that was with the higher res files & my laptops not upto spec. Does seem to be quite a bit quicker as well

Only quickly tried the overcapture function on the app. Does exactly as it says on the tin, & very easy to work & edit to a normal video
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Sounds awesome.
Really curious how much space is needed to capture 1 min video in 4K res on Fusionff?
And do these playback well on mobile for quick edits?
I assume one might need to get a smartphone with enough space to be able to chew up the chunks of data for edit. Would my 128GB iPhone 7 have room enough to do edits or will it starve quickly for let's say a 5 min video edit?

I'm looking to either get Fusion or Garmin VIRB after 360fly due time.

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i've just done a 1m overcapture, saved at 1080 & the video is only 128mb. I've got a 32gb iPhone 7 & was quite happy with no sign of it being full, you have to download the 360 video before you can overcapture it as well
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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