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My Recorded Videos Previews are Broken on PC not on GoPro

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I recorded and wanted to test my sd card if it works. I copy & open recorded videos but preview is broken. I uploaded some videos to youtube and there is NO problem. It is smooth as gopro's preview. What is wrong with PC? Why cant i preview it on my pc to edit if i want. ://
Example Video (Youtube Upload)
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open the camera to the cog and either under general or the first page you'll see the compression video. need to play with the settings to see it
look for the gear, called a cog
go through your settings, it is under preference or general.
here is Vics vid he may talk too fast for me to understand
There are only "Beep Volume , QuikCapture, Def. Preset, Auto Power off, LEDs, Anti-Flicker" options available.
I no longer have a hero 11. iand hmmm read the whole manual. does not mention anything, sorry if gopro taken it out
1 - 7 of 26 Posts