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My Recorded Videos Previews are Broken on PC not on GoPro

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I recorded and wanted to test my sd card if it works. I copy & open recorded videos but preview is broken. I uploaded some videos to youtube and there is NO problem. It is smooth as gopro's preview. What is wrong with PC? Why cant i preview it on my pc to edit if i want. ://
Example Video (Youtube Upload)
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Is this for a Hero11? It could be the compression settings. Check your HEVC settings. I know my pc won't process the 265 - HEVC setting so I use the 264 - HEVC one.
where is that setting? yes it is hero 11. it uses hevc all the time .:// seems i need to use my powerful pc instead of laptop
what is cog? dont understand
look for the gear, called a cog
I am really sorry but i couldn't understand. Could you please be more specific? like telling someone who doesnt really know these :( It is our first gopro. Trying to learn.
go through your settings, it is under preference or general.
There are only "Beep Volume , QuikCapture, Def. Preset, Auto Power off, LEDs, Anti-Flicker" options available.
here is Vics vid he may talk too fast for me to understand
There is no "Video Compression" option in my GoPro 11 (Nor in QuickApp) . ?? What can i do? I watched whole video but couldn't find anything useful.
I no longer have a hero 11. iand hmmm read the whole manual. does not mention anything, sorry if gopro taken it out
i guess its about my laptop wthout gpu. i ll give a try on my 2080s pc. i deleted videos. they were test videos
Yeah old GPU wouldn't let me do anything over 4k/30. Upgraded processor and GPU. Boom.

Tried just the GPU first and that was the culprit.
i bought that from microsoft store but didnt solve my problem. seems my laptop cant handle it without a real gpu. i havent tried editing gopro 11 recorded videos yet. hope it ll work with premiere pro 23. btw, wont handbrake affect quality of video after converting it? because i couldnt find how to convert h265 to h264 with "original source quality" . had to decrease resolution???
thanks for answer.
Fortunately, my old PC does have GPU, so I am able to make that work.
Of course, there always is some loss during conversion. I use these settings in Handbrake: see screenshot. I set that up and made it into a preset.
These settings don't seem to affect the video, at least to my eyes. As far as sharpness goes, some can always be put back in during post-production. My computer seems happy with these settings, and I have had Pond5 approve all the clips I have sent in with these settings. While we all would like maximum quality, we also have to allow for the least common denominator in what a viewer has to view it with. I found that clips with these settings play well on my 3-yr old 55" TV, and hopefully on everyone else's.

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thanks. what about 5.3k? will it be bad "5.3k to 4k in handbrake and 4k to 4k renderr in premiere ? just asking the weirdest situations dont worry if you dont know ::))
thanks for preset. so cant we edit gopro videos in premiere pro without converting to 264??
I don't know about 5.3K. I haven't tried it yet. I may not, with my antiquated system. It is straining to work with 4K. My take is that while we are looking for the ultimate high-resolution images, we lose sight about the fact that the human eye can only discern so much. Also, how will our work be used? And, at what distance?
I imagine if I wanted to spend about $20.99 per month to get Premiere Pro CC, and bought the newest, latest, and greatest PC system out there, I could work with H265 videos without any problem and bypass Handbrake altogether. I am running the CS6 version of Premiere I bought (the last boxed version, circa 2013), and have no additional costs. If I was making a killing with my videos, that would be a no-brainer. But from a business and financial standpoint, it makes no sense to spend any more money than I have to, since it doesn't bring in that kind of money.
In short, my version of Premiere Pro is too old to run H265, even if my computer was more compatible. If you are running Premiere Pro CC, I would assume you could run H265 5.3K videos, if your computer was more capable.
Good luck.
Even with all the extra work I have to do to output edited videos, I am happy with my GoPro!
thanks. you know we cant pay for anything unfortunately. we have to use something illegally 🫣 to stay in balance. i always use last premiere pro. hope we can make it out as we d like to 🙏
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