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My first Test of Hero 10 Black with Max Lens Mod

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Installed the new 1.19.44 Beta firmware for the Hero 10 Black which finally give Max Lens Mod functionality. Quick test I did this morning. Installation went fine and no bugs as yet

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Why would you even need a MLM for footage like this?
Thank you @liamski for the test sample appreciate that,at any given time did you hit the Badge that allows you to do real time and talk at one point, that be one good reason @Ifti you would need the MLM when its taken off the mount and walking around and spinning. I prefer fpv motion at times
What resolution does HDMI come out in MaxLensMode? The Hero9 makes 1280x720 here - without MaxLensMode I always get 1920x1080 - is that also the case with the Hero 10?
Thanks for the test and the info about the beta firmware!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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