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I am completely new to GoPro and looking for the most cost efficient way to buy the necessary mounts to 4x ski helmets, all front mounts only. When I chatted with GoPro support earlier today, they recommended 3 copies of this (in addition to the 1x Hero9 I will buy): GoPro Helmet Front & Side Mount

Following the chat, I continued to look around and found this: GoPro Grab Bag - Spare Parts & Mounts. Given that I will only require the front mount (as displayed with the red helmet in the first link), will I not get the desired functionality for less money buying 3x of the grab bag? Or will even this suffice? GoPro Curved & Flat Adhesive Camera Mounts

I.e., for avoidance of doubt, there will only be 1x camera with family members taking turns to use it.
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