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Mobius came a long way, they now got a camera that can do 2.7K- wait 4L and like now any camera company they are getting into the playing game with the Consumer more. meaning that it has Wi-fi held back, the 4K was held back, and most sure other features as well held back, saying the Developer is not yet ready is working on it.

SO you are paying $76.00 for a Beta-tester camera.

While they offered a Trade up which should have been worded Discount to the previous owners of 15-20% off.

The product has two lenses wide and wider look. the night videos look great always a BUTT.

The camera got a "Gravity" thing a EIS. not clear on it. three types of settings. they changed hte layout of buttons, they changed the size and its not NOT waterproof and will heat up with way more vent holes.

I love to get one ,but I am no Gunie Pig, like GoPro and its Hero 7 Black release. Rush a camera to the Market, you get what you deserve.;

Overheating to lazer beam line, to stuttering low level video.

These Companies thrive on your footage and they thrive on the complaints how they keep in business to keep improving a Camera.

I still looking , may want one for the **** of it but nuff is enough. release it in a full working camera not a beta -test, like Yi, gopro, and so on....


MY Humble thoughts out loud.
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