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I've been shooting video of my son's hockey games, cold, indoor rinks, fast paced action, I turn the camera on and have been shooting continuously for each period usually about 25 minutes of real time. When I go to edit the game, certain events don't seem to record.

GoPro Hero Session, it's got version 2.0 firmware.

I was using a ScanDisk Pixtor micro SD grey bottom which was ill advised (today I went out and bought a ScanDisk Extreme Performance MicroSDHC UHS-1 card thinking the card I was using is either corrupt or not capable of shooting the speed of the game). I haven't been able to find someone or something to guide me on setting up the camera to do what I want it to do.

I then take what I shoot and import it via Quick version on my Mac...running El Captain 10.11.6 (15G1108). I was editing mostly in iMovie but then tried GoPro Studio version 2.5.10 (

I tried controlling the camera in the rink with Wifi thru the capture app version 3.1.1 (1260) but that drained too much battery. So I shut off wifi and tried to record long sessions like continuous 20 minute sessions it imports an equivalent amount time that the camera was shooting for but certain situations like a few of my sons fast paced goals right in front of the goalie seem not to be there (I am shooting thru the glass, suction cup mount right behind the goalie).

I tried shooting wide screen, normal, 1080p 720p with protune, without protune. Not sure what I could be or have been doing wrong...

Again, I want to record everything that plays out in front of the camera once I set it for 25 minutes at a time so I edit it after I upload it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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The gopro camera's makes Chapters, they break down from 9 minutes to 17 minutes depending on the camera you own? Reading your post, you never mention anything about how many files of the amount of time you shot? You did say you shot 20 minutes long, and almsot sounded like you were setting up Loop recording?

Loop recording will over write the first clip if card gets filled, best to read up on loop recording

If you take a look at your sd card and open the file folder you will see DCIM/100Media/ files. when you shoot a 20 minute clip only you will see two files,, but if you are shooting many footages then the filing system really become , for me, a pain to understand at times.

Look for the sequential numbers and that should be the missing file or shots?

Your Session will make 12 minute files. Just some food for thought

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