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We lost our Gopro Hero 7 black at Sequoia national park. we are 100% sure we lost it where the road splits in two and goes between the 4 sequoia trees - we were taking pictures there of the car and our self between the sequoias and on the road. the last video we filmed was on that road while running past the trees. ( after eleven range overlook and before visitor center of last hill - i guess buena vista curve ? )

we returned to that place literally 30 min after but the gopro was not there anymore.

we have a bunch of chipmunk videos on it and the other parks we visited.... this is our only and best quality memory of our trip .. we would be extremely grateful to have have it back. there is a 128 Go sd inside -
please contact me if you found it - i can send pictures to compare with video and content so you can verify that it is ours.

i will paye for shipping and give a reward. it means a lot to us...

contact me throuhg PM here.
thank you so much!

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FIrst Sorry you lost, and some one found/stolen the camera.
if you are posting a lost & found Ad here you are best to put down the ADDRESS.

47050 Generals Hwy, Three Rivers, CA 93271 U.S.A.

All emails and phone numbers are not to be posted as spam is your closest friend here, while there is a system puposely created on ALL Forum sites the PM. no harm, no foul and best of luck.

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