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I've been doing live streming a lot lately. So far I have some test streams with a Hero 8 with MediMod plus wireless microphone (Rode) and HDMI display (GoPro) and a Hero 9 (standalone) - both with the latest firmware, of course. Up until now I have always streamed via the GoPro Quick APP (currently version 8.11). Whereby I use a mobile phone (Android) to control the camera, a second mobile phone (iPhone 6s) as a mobile hotspot for streaming.
In principle it works too ... I use and Facebook as stream servers. For YT, my channel does not meet the requirement to stream from a mobile device (too few folower).
As I said, "in principle" everything works - BUT: especially at there are always problems with the connection or interruptions. At last the stream worked for 35 minutes, then the Hero9 display showed "File is being repaired" and the stream was canceled. I've never streamed for more than 46 minutes at a time - so I don't know what happens when the 2 hour limit is reached.
If the connection works in principle, in the event of an interruption (e.g. LTE is gone) the connection is automatically re-established and the stream continues ... if there are no other problems ...
Another difficulty is that I stream mobile (from my bike)! Which causes interruptions due to "dead spots" ...

Who has experience and tips with such a constellation (stream from the car, bike, etc.)?

Now I'm interested in the next step:
to stream two or more cameras that show different angles or at the same time with PIP.
Such a desk would probably be well suited for this:
Or does anyone have a better idea? Has someone already made it - experiences?
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