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Live stream to Twitch true obs or other software

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I have 3 GoPro 11 that i want to live stream to twitch true PC wireless
I want to use OBS or maybe Twitch Studio

I havent got the connection between pc and goPro to work

Could someone point me in the right direction on how to get this to work

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Welcome to the forum, sorry can’t help you, maybe you search on YouTube or try to get a contact to GoPro support.

Ciao Rob

Wireless connection to PC is not able on GoPro by itself, but you can stream on Twitch trought Quik app if you are GoPro subscriber. Not sure if you can use various cameras, but on the following link the process is explained:

To connect one camera to your PC as a webcam, you have to install the GoPro Webcam desktop app, but I never tried with more than one camera and I don't know if it's compatible with Twitch.
Another way to connect your GoPro to a PC or TV is trought Media Mod or GoPro older mic adapter (Media Mod is higly recommended), wich has an HDMI port, but not sure of how you can send the signal wirelessly to your PC.


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does gopro the camera work without wires to stream via OBS, that is the question, have you hooked up via USB first to try?
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