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Lens is fogging

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Hey Guys, when i am running i usually carry the camera in my hydration vest or waist belt. I am living in a tropical country so i get drained everytime i run.

It seems like the quality of the image gets really bad, just with a little fog, or sweat on it. So usually i carry some wipes and wipe of the lens everythime i have to take a pic or film. It can get pretty annoying if you don't wanna stop and walk and wipe the cam of, haha.

I wasnt that bas when i used my DJI action cam.

Does anyone has some tips for the lens, and how do you carry the cam on a run.

I use the hero 9!
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Lick the lens.
No joke!

Lick the lens and gently wipe it off - a lot of surfers do this as you get little to no water spots on the lens when in and out of water. The saliva should help with fogging too.
Either that or a touch of dish soap rubbed on with the excess gently wiped away.
Awesome, will try it out.

Thanks alot!
Years ago I used to toss a tad of car wax. done. with snokeling spit and shine so rainX is fish oil. if not done right its hazed
lip ice... works too, super thin layer makes it work

for the moisture on the inside of the device I used Silica Gel packs, the really small ones like found in pill boxes from the pharmacy
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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