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Hi Folks
I recently attached a GoPro 11 (with the standard flat-port GoPro underwater housing) to a fixed steel frame and then threw it off a jetty to look at the amount of lens distortion when using different GoPro settings. I was quite surprised to see that the 'Linear' mode (top 2 pictures) actually produced the most amount of distortion (pincushion) when underwater. When I put the GoPro in 'Wide' mode (bottom 2 pics), the distortion underwater was almost zero (post processing software 'Transect Measure' showed that the 100mm squares in the grid vary in by less than 1.3mm from the center to the outside of the images when shot in 'Wide' mode).The GoPro was fixed in place and not moved between deployments. The lens is approx 1.3m above the steel grid. You will note that in all images that there is pretty consistent 30% overall magnification when the camera is put underwater. I am yet to delve into how the GoPro does its lens corrections in Linear mode, can anyone explain what's happening here?

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