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Latest Hike Video with the Hero 9 in 4K

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Hey everyone,

Here's another video that I put together from my latest hike. I've been trying to put together some of the suggestions on here from previous videos, as well as add a little more creative touch to it. I utilized more time warps this time around, as well as used the 3-way 2.0 tripod to get some shots of myself hiking solo. I tried to cut down each clip to be more interesting and create more of a storytelling aspect this time.

The other main thing I changed this time was going from low sharpness to medium. It was just becoming too much of a pain to add the sharpness in post production, and I'm happy with the way medium looks. There were also some 5k Wide videos taken, to give more of a POV feel to some of the shots, versus the linear + horizon leveling that I prefer

Let me know what you think! I love hearing new suggestions for different ways to do things!
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