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Bought a Hero 4 Silver in 2017 for a Toyota Tacoma as Toyota installs a GoPro mount on their new trucks. Been using it for a dash cam however almost never do anything with the video as nothing interesting ever happens (which is good, I suppose).

I've started riding a bicycle again for 20-25 mile rides mostly at sunrise and I'm seeing lots and lots of deer, foxes, rabbit, etc. on my rides. Bought a bike mount for the Hero 4 however I was very disappointed in the jerky video and wind noise.

I knew the GoPro's now have image stabilization so I bought a Hero 7 Black then for various reasons bought a Hero 8 Black. I'm keeping both. I think the 8 is a lot more conducive to quick battery changes on a bicycle ride than the 7. My rides are in the 1 hour and 50 min range however the magic times and places for spotting wildlife are kind of wrapped up in a one hour window. By then the sun comes up good and spotting are rarer.

Anyway I'm using the heck out of the 7 and 8 and both frustrate me while simultaneously loving them. I wrote a blog about my experiences but unsure if I can post a link to it here or not.

Love the GoPro Labs firmware for the Hero 8 Black, A LOT!

Hate the firmware on the 7.

Hate that Quik GPS gauges don't work for the Hero 8 (and yes I found the 3rd party software that makes it work).

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@hagensieker Be our guest, as long as it is not sales to promote the site . the Desktop app by legacy will be soon released in the fall 2020 when the Hero 9 comes out Lol, in the Mean time use the Mobile app of Gopro the guages/stickers will work, you can use Racerender for under 3 minute clips. and virb I beleive.

Yes the Latter Hero are winners but the newer ones are a hate and Love releationship, ask me I complain andcompliment each second Lol awesome write up

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