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I'm interested in buying the GoPro 11, but have a few questions. I have the DJI Osmo Action 3, and I've noticed that the 4k video image quality is worse than my x GoPro 8 (which I sold), with low light quality noticeably worse than my DJI Pocket 2 which has f1.8. I like the 3 batteries, slim hand stick, and slim 3 battery charging case that comes with it though. And the DJI expensive wireless mic which I got, is reported to have a simple set up process with the DJI Osmo Action 3.

Question 1: What is the focal length on the GoPro 11 (eg 20mm), for using stabilization equivalent to DJI Osmo Action 3's Horizon Stabilization (corrects tilt up to 45', which is the best stabilization for good for walk videos)?
I know the DJI still offers ample ultra wide field of view with de-warp 4k horizon stabilization and want to confirm if the 11 is just as good or better, in this regard.

Question 2: The 11, like the Action 3, has TWO display screens. Can you turn off the front side display screen (side with the camera lens) to make it less obvious to people in front of you, that you're recording? DJI offers this.

Question 3: Can you adjust the display screen brightness on the 11?

Question 4: What is the focal length (eg 20mm) on the 11, with de-warp (non-fish-eye) 4k video recording with stabilization suited for walk videos which keeps the horizon stable up to 45'.

Question 5: I use good Samsung SD cards (Samsung Evo Plus), but noticed with my GoPro 8 which I sold, that the GoPro 8 sometimes had problems saving/recording to SD card, no matter which one. Has GoPro resolved this issue with the 11?

Question 6: Whats the sound quality like with the in-built mic system on the 11? Especially with filtering out wind blowing at 25-40km/hr (light to medium wind activity, typically what you get in NZ and Australia.

If anyone can help me with these questions, that'll be great!

AL from NZ. :)

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1. Not sure. Just google it, there are plenty of comparison videos and data sheets.
2. Yes you can disable the front screen entirely.
3. you can adjust it to some degree.
4. see answer 1.
5. some bugs get fixed, other bugs get introduced. Its gopros trademark. Also gopros vary greatly from one unit to another.
6. audio quality is subjective. To me the sound is good, others would say its terrible. depends on what you need the sound for. interview, background noise under soundtrack, etc.
Gopro media mod mics are worse than the builtin ones IMO.
Sound can be recorded on another device and synced in post, if you are after state of the art sound quality.

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If you are asking 4KHorizon balance compared to Hypersmooth FOV Linair + Horizon there are four hypersmooth settings.

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2. Front and back can be brightness adjusted together, and front on & off separatly. as well screen saver alongwith four different way of display, but not touchscreen

3. you can adjust the front and back together or the back separate from 0-100%

Question 4: FOV is cropped, when using L + H, and again cropped with using hypersmooth. to know the exact diameters get with customer services.

Question 5: Use whatever cards you like, top dollar does not mean better. issues are issues when using the wrong cards.

Question 6: using wind noise reduction is better then the Action 3 if asked, if you owned hte Hero 7 and Hero 8 you know that answer.

IMO: you want an answer to the gopro hero 11, and compare to a DJI Action 3. its night and day differences.

good luck on your choices.
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