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Hi guys!
I got a GoPro Hero 9 Black for christmas present and have since tried to figure out how backup my files using my phone when out on trips. I got a 512 GB Sandisk Ultra card for the camera, so it can store 4 times what I have in memory on my phone, so obviously it is not much point in moving the files to the phone itself.

I would just like to connect the camera to the phone and use a file backup program, preferably Synology photos, to automatically backup the files to my own NAS rather than to the GoPro cloud or somewhere else. I am bike touring guy, doing longer trips now and then, so I want to backup my files when on the move, without having a computer nearby.

I just got a nice USB C hub with PD from StarTech with USB A port with charging. SD reader, HDMI, Network port etc. that I hoped to use.

So my ideal scenario was to be able to
1. connect my charger to the USB C hub
2. Connect the phone to the hub and get it charged
3. Connect the GoPro using a USB cable also to the HUB and get it charged
4. At the same time, automatically backup photos from both the phone internal memory, the phone SD card AND the SD card in the GoPro.

1-3 is no problem.
The problem is 4: to access the files on the camera so that it comes up parallell to the camera SD card when it is mounted through the USB port on the phone.

So from my testing, here is what I have found:
A: There is no difference between
a. connecting the camera to the USB hub using a cable between the camera and the hub and having the SD card in the CAMERA
b. Taking the SD card out of the camera and put it in the SD reader on the hub.

B: I can see, read, move etc the files manually using Google files or the Samsung Files app.

C: The SD card is displayed as a USB drive rather than a SD card and it is not visible to other apps in the same way as the SD memory of the phone is.

So the million dollar question is if there is a way to connect the camera / SD memory to an android phone and get it recognised in such a way that it will be accessible as a folder to other apps in the same way as the phones SD card folders are?

And secondly, is there any difference between having the camera on or off when connecting it to a phone using USB?

Thanks in advance
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