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Hi all,
I have just received my Hero7 Black and am having connection issues with my Huawei P10 Plus.
I added the camera successfully to the app and changed the name of it successfully. However, I could not get the update to work via the app so I did it manually via the sd card. It now has firmware v1.90 installed.
The app tells me the camera is connected, but when i choose " Control Camera" it will not connect and comes up with the "We had trouble connecting your GoPro" and the 3 suggestions to try there. I’ve tried them all to no avail.
I have also tried...
  • deleting and then finding and reconnecting the device * (successful every time)
  • reset the wi-fi settings on the GoPro (no difference)
  • changed the WIFI from 6 GHz to 2.4 GHz - the Huawei P10 Plus supports both (no difference)
  • resetting the GoPro to factory settings and gone through the whole procedure again (no difference)
When I have gone through the whole process and reconnected/renamed the camera, I am unable to connect even though it says its connected it tells me on the media tab that I have new media and there is an option to get it. The odd thing is , there is no media to get as I haven’t made a video or taken any photos at that point! If I select get it it tries to connect but doesn’t.
The camera shows up in my link list of Bluetooth devices, but with a name I didn’t give it.
In the camera Preferences then "Camera Info" it shows the name that I gave it and a password. What is that for? Should I be using this to connect somehow? I haven’t been asked for it in any of the things I have tried.
Any help on this much appreciated as this is soooo frustrating!
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