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Morning All,
I have recently purchased a new GPH8 Black and a second hand RMMW2 RC fob, I have scoured the web for suggestions as to why they will not pair and have done all of the things suggested.

Checked all firmware & Software up to date, (camera connects fine to iPhone 7 and did an update)
Reset camera connections
Reset control unit (software v1.01)

I have tried multiple times with no success..all that happens is both devices look like they are searching for each other (the camera has a revolving circle and the control unit has a camera with two arrows bobbing up and down) until I get an error message from the camera saying pairing has stopped. There isn't much out there regarding the 8 and pairing that I can find, there's lots on the 7 which looks on the surface identical.

This is massively frustrating and any idea's/suggestions would be appreciated.
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