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Hi GF bought a new Gopro Hero 5 Black and took it to her Cuba vacation where she currently still is.
Her Gopro firmware is current. The sd card is a Lexar 633
For the first few days the camera was working fine.
Then at the airport she turned on her Gopro to take photos of the jetway and upon turning it off it just froze, not turning off.
She pulled the battery & reinserted but it remained frozen.
She removed the battery again to turn it off as well as removed the sd card still frozen.
After several more numerous attempts removing battery sd card rebooting the camera began taking multiple pictures at a fast speed with no way to stop it as still frozen. Then she give up and phoned me and I told her to reset via shutter button and mode button.
She said it works now since that reset, the card was formatted but the camera is still occasionally taking pictures at will, only occasional freezing. Photo and videos are good.
Camera in 1080 60 fps Protune is off.
She brought two Lexar 633 sd cards and exchanging them into the camera has no effect.
I would buy a sandisk extreme card if she was home to try that, but in cuba cannot be done.
we were told the Lexar 633 was compatible, maybe not??
The camera still remained frozen with no sd card in it.
Her camera was connected to Windows 10 where there was no firmware update message.
any ideas on what we can do?
thanks really appreciate the help big time
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