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Hi All,

I just spent my vacation on Corsica in France and for this occasion I bought a GoPro Hero3 Black edition. I am using a Samsung 64 GB micro-sd card in it (64 GB micro SD PRO Card Class 10 UHS-I (70MB/s), see also which is a Dutch site)

The camera runs fine, and I had no problems what so ever during my stay. I have now that I am home... :mad:

Connecting the camera to my PC gives an error message and Windows 7 asking if it should format the drive for me, as it's not usable. Same problem on XP.

During my vacation I learned that the new App + firmware allow you to view the footage via iPhone rather than via PC. This morning I updated the firmware on my GoPro and the app on my iPhone. I can access both the photo's and video's I recorded on GoPro without any problems this way.

Unfortunately I cannot get them off the camera now. I can view them, but not copy them to my PC. Anyone else seen this problem?

I googled quite a bit on this particular issue, and there are many hits on gopro + micro sd. My problem is different than the regular ones, as the camera does not error on the SD card, and the App also works fine. The only issue is when connecting to a PC over USB...
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