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Firstly I know a bit about batteries having worked on protable elctronics for years that have rechargables.

I still get the same record time near enough out of both batteries when fully charged. They appear to charge fully and when the charging cycle is complete if I turn on the camera the battery level says 100%.
If I remove the batteries and leave them out for days or weeks they loose at most 1 or 2% according to the cameras level meter when put back in.

However if I leave a any battery in the camera for days or a few weeks it now will be fairly low maybe 20 -30% only left. This never happened before but as the batteries charge and give full capacity usage and stay charged out of the camera something has changed in the camera to drain the battieres slowly.

The problem with leaving the batteries out is the time & date reset to default so I need to remember to adjust them before use ... other settings such as pro tune remain as set....

Any one else have such an issue??
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