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This is not my original idea, but I could not find the original post anywhere to credit the individual who first suggested something similar.

I purchased the two Nintendo Controller steering wheel covers on E-bay for $5 bucks for the 2 of them (no shipping). I had picked up a roll of thin Velcro tape strips a while back at either Home Depot or Lowe's for just at $10 bucks. The Velcro strips are great for any number of mounts when it comes to securing the camera. When I got the controller steering wheel covers, I thought of different ways to mount the camera. On these, the camera simply does not fit without some adjustment, so I tilted the camera and slid in the bottom of it into the middle plastic housing. I then pushed out the top just enough to allow me to slide the camera into the middle plastic housing. I then added my thin Velcro strip to secure the camera and was pretty well done with it at that point. Boingo! A new mount that is cheap and easy to complete...

This mount is easy to hold in your hands and provides some very good stability as you hold onto it and shoot your video. No shaking or vibration noted. It feels right in your hands as you hold onto the steering wheel, too. You can easily hold it out and reverse it to make some interesting self-portrait type of photos or video. It is functional enough to make for some interesting video effects. It is easy to remove the camera from the middle housing when done, but with the Velcro strap on, the camera is very safe and secure in this mount. Everything as to the camera buttons and all are easy enough to work and to get at when the camera is in the mount. It is light weight as a mount, too.

Note: I am having some problems with my flickr account, so I could not add all the pics to a set, so I have to link them individually, at present. Sorry... Hope this gives you some ideas and also gives you enough information to explain what I did. No video just yet, but hopefully that will come soon.

The original person with this idea suggested getting the steering wheel controller covers at Dollar Tree, but when I checked at the stores near me and they had all discontinued them at their stores. You may get lucky and find those at your own local Dollar Tree store, so check there first. Those may even fit better than these.
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