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From firmware 1.30 and above, due to Volta compatibility, is not easy to find a cable which works good without giving low power message, if feeding current is less than 2.4A (like on Volta). Is possible the cable may not be able to manage that current output, but I think is possible to solve that.
If your feeding source has 2.4A of output current and your cable can not manage it, try to downgrade to firmware 1.20 (if you are not a user of Volta) and test the cable. Probably it will work fine and your experience using the camera would be the same. And if anything is not like you want, you can upgrade to latest version easily.
If your feeding source has not 2.4A of output current, try with a powerbank or wall charger with QC port (or at least 2.4A output) and test it. If it works, you avoid to downgrade firmware version and spend more money on other cable.
If you do not have any power source with 2.4A output current and you do not want to spend more money on cables, porwerbanks or wall chargers, you have to downgrade firmware to version 1.20. You will be able to use low current sources and any type of cable, but I recommend to use at least 2.0A output current source and short cable, due to camera high power consumption at some resolutions and fps.


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