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GoPro Timelapse/Warp Challenges

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Whilst snowboarding using GoPro Max I had quick capture on, default set to 360 film and also default mode as last video. However when I look at the footage almost all of it was done in Timewarp mode.

My screen was set to locked so water droplets etc didn’t change any settings as I’d experienced this before when kayaking.

After I realised I was having similar issues I rechecked and reset all the settings yet the same issues happened and even after a total Max delete and reset.

Note only quick capture button is used, the mode button was never pressed as the camera was on the helmet. When in restaurant I could see on the screen it was set to video. I took footage and then rewatched, this was also Timelapse/warp.

Anyone had similar experiences and or knowledge of best ways to ensure modes aren’t changed. Deeper issue? I have GoPro subscription cover.

Tried to make good of the situ but keen to resolve for future shoots:
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BTW it did shoot some in normal 360 mode as I wanted but toggled to Timelapse/warp more often than not .

also, any tips for snow/water droplet management???
Thank you all!
i am not sure about their 360 lineup but i suppose they incorporated the same functionality as in regular gopros - long hold record button for timewarp video.
I would bet my 5 cents that this is what happened.
Awww man, you should have bet some more $$$ This is exactly what’s happened and now makes perfect sense given what was happening on the mountain.

Thank you, I didn’t know this was even an option on any GoPro. I’ve asked in many forums, pages and no one knew this. Well done!!

This is super helpful and keeps my faith.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts