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GoPro Timelapse/Warp Challenges

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Whilst snowboarding using GoPro Max I had quick capture on, default set to 360 film and also default mode as last video. However when I look at the footage almost all of it was done in Timewarp mode.

My screen was set to locked so water droplets etc didn’t change any settings as I’d experienced this before when kayaking.

After I realised I was having similar issues I rechecked and reset all the settings yet the same issues happened and even after a total Max delete and reset.

Note only quick capture button is used, the mode button was never pressed as the camera was on the helmet. When in restaurant I could see on the screen it was set to video. I took footage and then rewatched, this was also Timelapse/warp.

Anyone had similar experiences and or knowledge of best ways to ensure modes aren’t changed. Deeper issue? I have GoPro subscription cover.

Tried to make good of the situ but keen to resolve for future shoots:
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It sounds like you're experiencing some issues with your GoPro Max camera, where the default settings are not being applied correctly and the camera is switching to Timewarp mode instead of 360 film mode.

One potential solution to prevent modes from changing accidentally is to lock the mode button by holding it down for three seconds until a lock icon appears on the screen. This will prevent the camera from accidentally switching modes when it is being used.

Another possibility is that there may be an issue with the camera's firmware or settings that is causing it to switch modes automatically. In this case, you may want to try resetting the camera to its factory settings and updating its firmware to the latest version. You can also try contacting GoPro support for assistance with troubleshooting the issue.

Since you mentioned that you have a GoPro subscription cover, you may be eligible for support from GoPro's customer service team. They can help you diagnose and resolve any issues you are experiencing with your camera.
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