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I want to buy GoPro Max 360, but I'm wondering if my laptop will manage with those files during post-production editing.
I have: Lenovo ThinkPad T450s (Intel i7-5600U 4x2,6 GHz; Intel Graphics 5500; 8 GB RAM), MS Windows 10 Home.
As far I know, I can forget about 4K and 5,6K, due to lack of HEVC (H.256) on my graphics card - as far as I won't change my computer ;p
I can live with that - for my current needs, FullHD would be okay, as far as I'll keep all advantages of 360 deg. Max movies.
My question is: will I be able to use all options of computer software with 360 movies from GoPro Max (zooming in, zooming out, turning the view, horizon leveling, hyper smooth stabilization, GPS data, etc.) with above mentioned computer? If I loose option of creating 4K & 5,6K movies ONLY, it would be fine :)

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Welcome aboard , ask a member for A video Sample a minute long loaded to google drive so you can download, ifno one here will do get to a youtuber.

Do this with insta 360 one RX, Insta 360 one X2 and Insta 360 One X3, and good luck in your choices,
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