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I have a GoPro 360 MAX, I use it to record 360 video in 5.6k resolution.

When I transfer the .360 files to my desktop PC which has gopro player & HEVC codec installed, I can transcode the .360 files into 5.6k HEVC files, and it works. They come out as working .mp4, proper 360 view.

When I transfer the .360 files to my laptop PC which has the same gopro player & HEVC codec installed, I can only use 5.6k when I choose cineform codec in gopro player. If I choose HEVC, it adjusts resolution down to 4k.

I cannot transcode the .360 files from the camera using gopro player batch exporter in 5.6k resolution on my laptop, even though the software & HEVC codec I installed from the microsoft store is identical to what is installed on my desktop.

Is there a reason for this? ffmpeg will encode video slower on my laptop than it does on my desktop, but there's no encode my desktop can do that my laptop can't. Is there a setting that could be missed, an extra package needing install? Cineform files are 7x the size and would thus require another encoding step that is insanely time consuming and wasteful to video quality.

Thank you!
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