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I have a unique setup/application and am seeking the advice from the GoPro community.I appreciate that many of you may be very skilled photographers and are experienced with manually adjusting GoPro Protune settings for different environments.

I hope I am not asking to much, and would appreciate any insight.

I mounted a modified Gopro 7 black(Provided by Back-bone) on a surgical microscope. The reason for this the GoPro is a High quality while also being less expensive Camera/video recorder option to the professional Medical Grade ones available.
Image for better understanding:

The problem I face:
The microscope supplies a constant supply of white LED Light to the camera while illuminating the surgical field, in this case teeth. As a result, I am experiencing different image quality than when I would take a photo with a SLR and Flash. The GoPro is in AUTO SETTINGs and I am finding that the image is darker and less clear deeper down, than I know the GoPro 7 can produce.

For example of the darkness:

Online research suggests that most experienced GoPros Users prefer to record or take photos using FLAT Image or modifying PROTUNE SETTINGS for best results. Does anyone have suggestions?

I would like it to be more like this, which is from a SLR with flash. As you can see it is less dark and clear deeper down, which is similar to what the Dentist would see looking through the microscope which is what the gopro should also see:
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