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I’m out of options and becomming a bit desperate.

My Hero 4 is mounted on a spot hard to reach. It s shooting in timelapse mode. The memorycard is almost full. How do I download the pictures?

I tried almost everything. With wifi it can be done, one picture at the time. I want to download 10,000 pictures. .... one by one???
I bought a usb-miniUSB cable 5 mtrs, it is charging the Hero. And it should also be possible to download the enourmous amount of pictures. But Quik for Gopro sees the Gopro but states the folders are empty. But when I connect via wifi I can see all the pictures.

It seems the only option is to remove the camera and downloud it directly from the sd-card. But I want the camera to stay exactly the way it is now. Since I have lots more
Pictures to shoot.

Anyone ever solved this problem (wich should not be a problem at all Gopro!!!!! It is only alowed to be a problem when the camera name is GoAmateur )
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